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Welcome to our local version of a tropical getaway — Bali, the ultimate destination for Indonesians getting away from the hectic city. The Island of Gods, as so what it is often known as, is a haven for a refreshing weekend. The city's landscape is always changing with new coffee spots, organic fares and beach clubs. Here's a guide to help you get started on your ultimate tropical getaway!


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Easily the most thoughtful hotel you’ll step foot into is an artisan hotel produced by the well-renowned Potato Head Beach Group (also known as the PTT Family). A hotel that prides itself in presenting its meticulous attention to design and hospitality — straight from the distinctive bright-red bricks to the cocktail introduction upon check in.


Expat Coffee
A newcomer into the lively coffee scene in Bali is EXPAT. roasters, soon to be a favourite. The cafe brews coffee exclusively for its neighbours, Sisterfields and Bo$$man and is soon to be a fixture as one of the top cafes in Bali.

BURO Coffee
Here at BURO Coffee, the space is considered a grand affair. Brewing coffee exclusively from Jakarta’s Common Grounds Roastery, BURO also houses a collaborative concept store, a bakery and an art gallery.

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Motel Mexicola
Step into Motel Mexicola and you’ll ultimately be transported to a reminisce of Mexico. Despite its popularity as a night time celebration and dance parties, you’ll find that afternoons at the Mexicola is as good as their nightlife. Feast on margaritas and go loco on the tacos!

Movida Bali
A big name in the Australian restaurant scene, this is Movida’s first international venture. Serving its signature Spanish tapas, it has successfully fused classic Indonesian flavours into its dishes and drinks. A devouring experience in our local shores.

Watercress Cafe
With its effortless style and approachable dining menu, Watercress Cafe is the quitessential destination even the locals. The breakfast here is exceptional which they serve up a variety of rendition to the classic breakfast menu.

Nalu Bowls
Healthy Food Shack
Currently located in several spots all over the island, Nalu Bowls continues to be a haven for the ultimate frozen fruit bowls. Nalu serves up classic acai and creates other rendition of a healthy and fresh frozen bowl, perfect for the tropics.

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Kim Soo Home
Lifestyle Store
Imagine walking into your dream apartment where every last detail of your design-loving mind has been attended to and also realised. In Kim Soo Home, you can buy everything that you set your eyes on. You may not be able to actually move into this gorgeous haven but you can certainly do what everyone does, shop.

Canaan Bali
Lifestyle Store
Priding itself in highlighting the creative and artisanal products of Indonesia, owner Emmelyn Gunawan’s vision shines through in this well-curated store that houses different local brands.

Finns Beach Club
Beach Club
Nestled down in the South of Bali, Finns Beach Club is a private beach right next to Semara Luxury Villa resort. In here, you’re transported to white sand and clear waters while you enjoy a day of sun bathing.

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El Kabron
Restaurant & Beach Club
Perched atop Uluwatu’s cliffside is El Kabron, a Spanish restaurant also known for its beautiful sunsets. The restaurant provides, arguably, the best view of the pacific ocean that nowhere else offers.

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Bias Tugel Beach
Away from the hustle of all the other beach clubs sits Tugel Bias beach. Known for its remote and private location, the beach is a paradise for those who wants to get away from the crowd.

Potato Head Beach Club
Beach Club
Yes, it’s one of the most visited tourist attraction in Bali but Potato Head Beach Club earns its merits with good reasons. Catching sunsets here is every tourist’s must do when in the island. Known for its iconic shape and architecture, this remains the most popular beach club to date.

Old Man’s
Beer Garden
This beer garden is conveniently located in from of Batu Bolong Beach, perfect for hanging out and cooling off through the day. By night time, it is transformed into a destination for you to take your shoes off and dance.


Brown Feather Hotel
Nestled in the bustling area of Bali, you will find a quaint boutique hotel that will take you away from the hustle of Seminyak. In here, rooms are comfortable, affordable and only a stone’s throw away from all the things that you’ll want to do in Bali.

TS Suites Bali
An affordable luxurious hotel featuring options that includes private or 2-bedroom villas. Conveniently located in the Seminyak, the options for entertainment or dining are endless.
Revolver Espresso
Classic boutique espresso bar that also serves a great variety of brunch options. Known as one of the best coffee in town, be transported to a world of specialty coffee with their cuppas.

You can view the guide easily by exporting the CATHHALIM.COM: Bali map into your Google Maps application. Mobile and web friendly. Enjoy!

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