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For the curious ones in you — here are the answers to your frequently asked questions.

How old are you?
I am born in the year of 1992.

How many siblings have you got?
I've got 3 very lovely younger siblings — Caroline Halim, Madeline Halim and Maverick Halim. My siblings are a great source of inspiration in my life.

What is your horoscope?

What camera do I use?
I am currently using a Canon 6D Mark II with a Canon 50mm F1.4 lens and sometimes shoot on film.

What do I use to edit my photos?
VSCO is my holy grail, I do most things on it. Snapseed, on numerous occasions.

What filter do you use on VSCO?
I love the "E" series on VSCO — a set of film-like filters that you can apply to your pictures. I love the A6 as well.

Who are the ones behind your OOTD pictures?
My siblings, my friends - I'm not picky with the people taking my photos, you should not let this bother you as well!

How did you pick up photography?
I've always been very interested in capturing things since I was young. Fortunately, my mother had always wanted me to have several artistic pursuits.

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