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I visited Love & Flair's office in the heart of Jakarta a few weeks ago. Having them published an article about what I do and what my passion is a great honour. We spent some time discussing about my vision for the future and what it takes to take a leap of faith into what you enjoy doing the most.

I get questions about how to get into the fashion industry all the time, and all I can simply answer is — start being there. If you want to be a stylist, then reach out to different people and start styling. If you want to be a fashion writer, then start writing. The most important thing is to start, and definitely to keep going at it.

I dipped my foot into the fashion industry without knowing anything. I just realized that I enjoyed consulting for brands and giving them strategic advice, be it in terms of sales, branding or creating visions. I also started presenting different ideas to brands on my platform. As cliche as it sounds, you do carve your own path to get where you are.

Do have a read on that morning I spent with Love and Flair. If you like the looks that I wore on this shoot, you can also shop directly through this link. Enjoy!


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