IN CONVERSATION: A SERIES OF REAL TALK was planned a year before it officially launched in June 2017. I've always wanted my website to be different from just another blog. This is why the "In Conversation" series is introduced.

The "In Conversation" series holds real conversations with women in different career positions covering many industries such as fashion, e-commerce, technology and many more. I hope that through these conversations on my website, you can get inspired by pursuing your interests. Be it a business that you're starting, a career that you're about to begin or whether you're thinking of jumping across industries, let this be a platform to help, nurture and provide knowledge and inspiration. Real girls, real conversations and just plain, no-nonsense advice.

Growing up, I've never had anyone to guide me through my career paths but I've always been lucky. Lucky that I got to the opportunities to try out many job positions that shaped my career, personality and work ethics.

When I finished high school, the sixteen year old me started working in fashion retail - which further fuelled my interest towards the creative industry. Sales positions are in the retail industry are tough, because it's not easy convincing someone to purchase an item immediately (especially if it is not a need and if it is expensive) and you have sales target to achieve. Later on in my life, I tried out several retail positions covering emerging Southeast Asian designers, fast-moving fashion items and even setting up my small businesses. While at school, I managed my time to be involved in tutoring and also call-center positions that developed my people-oriented personality.

When I made a jump from my banking career to the fitness industry, there was very information available to really convince myself that it was the right choice. I looked back to the beginning of my career in the banking industry, there was little information for fresh graduates in Indonesia too. It further striked that these conversations are important because there are young adults like my sisters, and her group of friends who will enter the workforce but have no idea where to even start.

The conversations that we will cover under these series include "How to Clinch Your First Internship", "Your First Job: How Do I Start?" and more. We would love if you can write to us to see what other subjects we should cover, or if you want to just drop us an email to let us know about anything! It is after all, an open conversation with and for you.



  1. Talking about job is always interesting for me. Sharing about where or when we start is really gave me something new and refreshing like i just discovered a new thing.

    And i could see a new side or other side of people that i just met by now.

    Anyway i start my job in seventeen years old in fast food restaurant as a part timer. So i met a new people. Like i never met in my high school before. A senior who expect or pushing you to do something in a right way. I do feel so bad because i never learn how to put some lipstick or blush on on my face. But i did! I learn how to handle the customer for the first time. after that i got a chance to work in banking field. My new me is start to began. Like i always be clumsy not focus. Not perfect. Always in rush. Suddenly change because i have to become a teller where i must counting the money. I need to focus. Because i dont wanna miss calculated. Slowly i keep shaping my ability in banking industry. And now i still here. As a costumer services. Try to manage a good relationship to customers. Gave them some advice about finance management. That's fun. And i know that working in fashion industry isn't compulsory even thought working with something you really passionate about is heaven on earth.

    That is why i agree with you when you said that you like to enjoy fashion from customer perspective:)

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. Different experiences will teach us different things about life that books won't teach us. I hope that you continue to light up that passion and keep inspiring people around you!