It is no doubt that I love my sneakers, and my choice of comfortable and trendy sneakers is definitely Superga. A few years back, Superga caught my attention with a collaboration with The Row and not long after, Man Repeller.

Years later, it has grown into a widely known name amongst the fashion industry. Known for their quality, aesthetics, wide range of choices and affordable prices — it is no wonder that Superga has fast become the choice of footwear for men, women and even children.

My biggest question to date is — I am buying my first pair of Superga, which one should I purchase? I started my first pair in my Superga collection with a navy blue Classic 2750 and at that time, it did seem a little hard to decide which pair I should buy first. Don’t fret because with this guide, you'll have little pain of choosing your first few pairs.

Recreating 3 different styles with Superga together with my friends (all of them having extremely different styles), I hope this is a great guide for you to be starting your latest collection. Introducing Bianca Belnadia Lie (Entrepreneur) and Alika Islamadina (Singer and Digital Influencer), alongside my personal style, don’t forget to leave as many questions if you still need a bit of help!

Masculine, Classic and Monochromatic
My style is a mix of effortless classic pieces and I'm rarely in colours. The palettes for my closet are muted and dictated in black, white and shades of grey. To describe my style, it would be classical and minimalist. My current favourite pair of Superga is the all-white Classic Superga 2750 Cot3Strap.

Sporty and Casual Chic
Alika Islamadina @alikaislamadina
Singer and Digital Influencer
Alika’s style is defined to be sporty with a twist of femininity. She’s big on her jeans and dresses very comfortably. Some days, she can be extremely feminine! Alika’s first pair of Superga is a pair of Superga Classic 2750 but of course, in a bright colour. Her style is closest to that of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Feminine and Playful
Bianca Belnadia @biancabelnadia
Managing Director, Love Bonito Indonesia
Bianca is the most feminine friend that I have amongst my friends. A big lover of prints, and colourful palettes, she’s the epitome of a stylish and fashionable lady. Her first pair of Superga is a pair of Classic 2750 in metallic silver. Her style will be the closest to Olivia Palermo.



Now comes the most exciting part of this post! Since you've seen 3 completely different personal styles, you can now stand a chance to win a Superga Indonesia voucher worth IDR 1,000,000

To win, all you need to do is comment in this post and include your Name, Email and Instagram username.

Giveaway closes on Sunday, 20 August 2017 at 9.00am and winner will be announced on Monday, 21 August 2017 at 7.00pm (Jakarta time!) on my Instagram. Best of luck, everyone! 


  1. Really like the first one, Cath!
    Helen - - helenmerchis

  2. 😍😍😍
    Nafhan – – @NafhanNQ

  3. Renna Halim,, @rennahalim (ps: i bought superga shoes just because i saw u wear em alot, so i got a pair of them) ;)

  4. Bianca can really pull it off with a dress??? Wowwwww I would definitely gonna try her style..

  5. hi ci cath! personally love the femine style but love to combine with a casual style —feminine with a twist of casual <3 been dreaming to have to have a superga in my life!!!

    Gisela Eiffelina - @giselaeiff

  6. Felycia - - aicylef

  7. It seems like im the only male in here haha, always wanted a pair of superga.. maybe this is the chance! ��

    // Harris Rahmat - - @____hrf ( 4 underscore )

  8. Me want!!! ��
    Pamela Wirjadinata - - @pamelawirjadinata

  9. That's my style!
    Sporty, and casual chic @alikaislamadina

    Pertama, aku lebih suka gaya seperti itu karena nyaman banget, dan aku selalu enjoy melihat penampilan aku yg terkadang sport but casual, aku memang terbilang agak tomboy dan tidak terlalu feminin (ada kalanya dievent tertentu) dan aku paling suka sesuatu hal yang statement diliatnya. Aku suka melihat sesuatu yg unik2, kenapa mungkin skrg aku bs jadi graphic designer yaaah hehe
    Kedua, dengan style seperti itu dengan mudahnya aku bisa pergi kemana aja menggunakan kendaraan apapun sekalipun bermotor ria, jadi dimana aku mau pergi event, meetup, dll kalau ak butuh cepat dan tampilan aku tetep on, (makeup-jeans/wideleg pants/trouser pants-jacket/t-shirt/blouse-sneakers) superga it's a good sneakers and must have. itu style paling cocok buat aku: say yes sport and casual chic😊

    That's my style😍

    Nama : Trecy Heprilina Sari
    Email :
    Instagram : trecyhs

  10. Naksir banget sama yang Cot3Strap tapi pas ke toko they don't have my size hikss, padahal mau kembaran sama anakku...

    Wulan - - @wuuulsss

  11. I love Superga Classic 2750 too!
    Steffi - - @steffilurusati

  12. Hi cath, i love monochrome masculine classic ! Would love to win voucher to buy Superga Xx
    Venisia liu

  13. Love love love the sporty and casual look.
    Evelyn Cornelia

  14. Superga never failed!! Looks very good in many outfit and also personality especially for travelling :)
    Thanks for the review cii!! #siapataudptvoucherbuatkadoultah

    ig :@windsings

  15. What I love from Superga is its versatility. You can styled it up with office wear, active wear, even dresses. You can never go wrong with it. The sneaker which offer style and comfort at one pair.
    My first pair of Superga is in navy blue, I think we're pretty much in it together, aren't we? ��

    Name : Fedrik Oktafian
    Email :
    Ig : @fedrikoktafian

  16. hai ka cath, aku suka bgt sama style
    Masculine, Classic and Monochromatic dan aku juga sering liat ka cath pake superga di instagram ka cath, superga itu casual dapet, stylish, dan comfort bgt dipake kemana mana, i wish i win that voucher to buy my fav superga.

    Dewi Lasmaida

  17. I love your style soooo much Cath. I am too dictated in black, white, and grey ���� Can't get enough of these basic colors! And always wanted a pair of Superga too ��

    Rima Listyawati //

  18. Looks like we got hooked on Superga around the same time! I remember being so in love with the Man Repeller and the The Row collabs, but they were too expensive �� I love how just a basic pair works so well with any style. Can't get enough of superga!


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  20. Seeing three of you have different taste of styles but manage to pair it with the superga shoes & voila! You guys looks great ���� personally I love how Bianca Belnadia can mix the metallic silver one with lots of different looks ��

    Stefanni Gabriela

  21. Vera Kusuma

  22. Third one is me!;)

    Yurica Sachi

  23. Masculine and classic plus a perfect pair of shoes would be awesome

    Fennysia wijaya

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  25. Haiii ka cath! style ku lebih ke masculine, classic and monochromatic tapi terkadang bisa sporty and casual chic juga. Aku suka banget liatin story dan ig kamu, ka alika, ka elxie dan ka caroline untuk ootd gitu karena kalian kayak inspirasi aku kalo bingung mau pake baju apa kalo pergi dan kalian jg suka post pake superga! :D

    Suci Nuryanti,, sucinrynt

  26. Hai cath!!
    I love your style, Masculine, Classic and Monochromatic. FYI, ak pertama kali beli superga gara2 terinspirasi dari foto2 instagrammu cath. And i love it :*. Bahkan ak beli superga dengan warna navi juga..hahaha.
    Gaya yang km berikan itu terkesan simple tapi elegant. Ga terlalu banyak aksen tapi udah nonjolin personality km Cath. Apalagi kalau km pakai superga, sooo inspiring. I'm not lying biar menang ya, hahaha tapi beneraaan, km inspiring banget. Love love love.


  27. My fave style is the 1st one; masculine, classic, and monochromatic. It's simple, you can always tone the clothing up/down depending on the occasion. And a classic white sneakers is all you need.

    Stefanie - @stestefanie

  28. I'm torn between your style and Alika's, paling tergantung mood of the day soalnya dua-duanya bagus bgt :)

    Name: Karina
    Insta: karinasaphiera

  29. I am super excited when i read this post! Among these 3, my style is in the middle of yours and Alika's! I wear monochrome colors, in the simplest way and simple dressing. i really love fashion and sneakers are the part of it. A lot of my Instagram ootd photos in sneakers and every day i usually wear sneakers. I've just been into sneakers lately, so i only have 2 sneakers so far from all of these 3 years!

    I saw Superga a lot before at its store in AEON BSD and always wish to own one of it someday, especially in the rose gold color. I super love it and can imagine myself wearing it a loooootttttt. The funniest thing of today's story, i saw Superga_id instagram account and was going to look for that rose gold sneakers photo. Turned out i viewed the story and seeing this giveaway news!

    I also love Superga for its design; it's super wearable and stylish. As an entrepreneur slash a blogger, a fashionable comfortable sneakers is a must have item for hectic days like i usually been into. Wish i reallyyyyyy can have a Superga by now!

    Keep on posting great content! Love your blog & article!

    Thelma Kisela -
    Instagram: @thelmakisela

  30. seeing all these styles, superga comes with simplicity. you'll never go wrong wear superga with ur own style. but, i personally like alika's style with sporty style but still look classy n feminine.

    but, how to be confidence to wear long skirt with sneakers?

    maghfira putri// maghfiraptr

  31. I’d totally go for classic & monochrome style! B&W rules! Love your posts, Cath!

    evelyne yamin/ evelyneyamin

  32. Nathania Febeen

  33. Jessline Giovanni

  34. This superga sneaker really is a universal shoes to every occasion! From formal to casual? Fits just right! Easy to mitch and match and always effortlessly chic. Really love and agree how a sneaker can also be feminine. As for me, I often change my style, and to have a shoe that matches with everything is a game changer!

    Cathline Widjaja

  35. I love bianca style! I would definitely see myself in those outfit ❤️
    Ig username: @adeliajessicaa
    Name: jessica adelia halim

  36. aku hampir kemana mana selalu pakai sneakers males banget kalo udh pakai flat shoes,kayak nyawa udh nyatu banget sama sneakers hihi.I like your first style. Very attractive appearance. Beautiful but still sporty. I lafyu kak cath������
    Dinda Aprilia

  37. Yours and Bianca's are the best versatile choice of color while Alika has the bright experimental color for everyday look. love 'em! no wonder Superga chose three of you to be their muse. ����
    Name : Astri Kania Agustini
    Email :
    Instagram : @astrikaniaa

  38. I would definitely see myself in the effortless style of cath's. Love your fav pair of superga!

    Lavica wiloepo

  39. I was just diagnosed have a scoliosis and doctor said to me I need to leave my flatshoes that really hurts me and start to use sneakers more. And I really like how Bianca and Alika's style with sneakers so I bought a superga shoes that can match to any outfit. My first one is the navy blue macramew and I realized it really fits my feet shape❤️

    Christina Gontani

  40. Basic, classic, masculine and monochrome style, yes i am. The all-white classic Superga 2750 cot3strap can match my basic mono #ootd style. Excited to have this baby! ♥️

    Jane Veronica Tanjaya

  41. Bianca style is my favs! 😍

    Desy paramitha audita


  42. We have similar styles! ♥
    Kadya - - @kadyakei

  43. Hello Cath! If I had to describe my style, then it would be : classic, casual and chic. Yup, it almost the same with you, Cath! I've been following your instagram since the beginning and suddenly I fell in love with your effortless style. I don't have many sneakers and I've always wanted to have Superga sneakers, since they have minimalist design and can match with any styles! If I got ones, it would be my favorite pairs and I think I'll wear them almost everyday XD

  44. Hello Cath! If I had to describe my style, then it would be : classic, casual and chic. Yup, it almost the same with you, Cath! I've been following your instagram since the beginning and suddenly I fell in love with your effortless style. I don't have many sneakers and I've always wanted to have Superga sneakers, since they have minimalist design and can match with any styles! If I got ones, it would be my favorite pairs and I think I'll wear them almost everyday XD

    Amelia Felicia

  45. Hi cath! I love masculine, classic, monochromatic styles ❤️ Like you said it rarely in colour. It look simple yet elegant and classy. Its totally on my routine, kinda efortless but still look good. But i have none of sneakers since there's none of them catch my heart </3 Then i found superga and its classic, trendy, aesthetic. I think it will match with any styles, like you describe. If i get one, i think it will match with any styles i want yet it comfortable. Regina - - @regiinnnaaaa

  46. Bianca's one is bomb 😍

    Sheila - - @sheilasheren

  47. Hi, Ka Cath! The best thing about Superga in my opinion is its simplicity! Like what you've explained before, we can mix and match this well-designed shoes with any style. With just one pair of shoes, you can have many different fashion styles. This is such an important thing for a student like me. Superga also offers many colors which is a plus point;)

    diah - - diahwidana

  48. Amelia Agustine

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Been following you since a year ago and thanks to you Superga is on the top of my list! Loving the style you brought daily with Superga and been hoping to have one of your looks on them ♥️

    Sheren Annastasia

  51. Sonia Rahardja

  52. Elisa Kumara

  53. BANG! You guys have very authentic style. And I like your insta post!! If I win this voucher. I will use it to buy my favorite Superga classic sneakers in white or navy or Superga x SUPERGA SPECIAL EDITION WEEKEND MAXMARA! I wish I win ��

    Vania Juniwaty

  54. I never missed your post on this blog cath. Always gave an inspiration.
    Vanya Yunisca. ig: vanyaynsc :)

    Thank you cath

  55. Aaah i want this so bad :)
    Deisy Pangkey
    Ig : @deisy.pangkey

  56. In my age ( re : 35y ) �� i try to look younger with superga shoes
    Never missed your post in your instagram cathhalim super like ��
    Ig : cikaciko

  57. Name : Febry Loh
    Email :
    Ig username : @febrylohh

  58. Sometimes I feel weird to wear sneaker with dress or jumpsuit so I tend to change to heels or sandal eventhough I know sneaker is more comfortable, but you guys rock it!
    Maybe I should use superga and put confidence to my outfit<3
    anw, I'm here to say HI and I do like your style and feed :)

    Name : Karen Loh
    email :
    ig : @karenlohh

  59. Heart eyes bangettt ������ Get in mah closet!!

    Name: Catherine Liman
    IG: Catherineliman

  60. Simple but looks luxurious when you worn. I like it.

    Michael de fretes

  61. Love your style the most!

    Name: Alvina Marsha
    Ig: @alvinamarsha

  62. I guess mine is combo of you and Alika into one ✨

    Carissa Vicky

  63. Simple but cute as always ��


  64. I love sporty and casual style! Honestly i know superga itu dr your post cath, then i just bought my first superga( cotu classic) in Japan, pertama mikir ah kayanya sakit n ga bakal betah pake lama2, tp pas pake ternyata ringan n skrg jadi my fave pair of shoes. Uhh i wish i could get another pair of superga, pgn bgt punya yg cot3Strap :')))

    Kenny Djafar

  65. love your style, masculine, classic and monochromatic.
    It's timeless and fits on any occasion.

    Triana Kusnadi ( @trianakusnadi )
    e :

  66. I've always confused what kind of superga shoes I should get for my very first pair, and thanks to you I can decide it now :)

    Thank you for your inspiring post!

    Name: Ivana Jesslyn
    Ig username: ivanajesslyn

  67. I'm a flat shoes person and i think that superga is the right shoes beside my flat shoes :) definitly will be super happy if i win this cool pair of superga!

    Name : citra tjaja
    Email :
    Instagram : @citratjaja

  68. Nadya Esmeralda


  69. i love three of you!! and yes I want to star confuse my self to choose which one will be my first superga. 🀀
    name: helen cahya
    ig: helencahya

  70. I'd like to start my sneaker journey with Superga too! <3
    Name: Michelle Gianciana
    Instagram: @gianciana

  71. I'm in love with ur style & alika's style πŸ’“
    Name : Helmalia Emila
    Email :
    Instagram : @helmalent

  72. Hi cath, my name is retno. I really love your style, it just suits my personal taste perfectly. I love to wear the clothes in the way you wear it, well not exactly the same, but mostly. And I love the all-white sneaker all the time too. Have a good day :)

    Name: Retno Sari Dewi
    Instagram: @retnosaridewi93

  73. I really love your look with superga. You can pull it of in any occasion!

    Name : Anastasia Gabrielle
    Email :
    Instagram : @anastasiagbrielle


  74. Fingers crossed ����

    Shelly Yulin

  75. I love masculine, classic, and monochromatic ❤

    Name: Mustika Oktavia
    Instagram: @mutioktavia

  76. Name: Ika Meilinda
    Ig: ikameilinda

  77. Name : Putri Permatasari
    Email :
    IG : ptrputri

    Thank you! ❤️

  78. Carina E.
    Ig: carinaeliane

  79. Like u'r style


  80. Name: Angeline Lie
    IG: @angelinelie

  81. Yes, I want !!


  82. Hi Cath!
    Thank you for sharing this sneakers styles. Me myself is a fan of wearing sneakers all the way and yes, more girls should know that you still can hit feminine style while using sneakers ! :)


  83. Classics never die.
    Erwin - - @benedictuserwin

  84. I've never won a giveaway, hopefully this is the chance! haha I'd love me some Superga <3 Thanks Cath!

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  86. Always love your style! Simple and classic.


  87. An absolute wishlist ��
    Lexa // // @alexandralfons

  88. I would choose Alika Style, Sporty and Casual Chic ��

    Name: Regina Desvarani
    Instagram: @rdesvarani

    Thank you!

  89. Hi ci cath !
    Setelah aku liat post ini, aku jadi punya inspirasi lebih buat padu padanin sneakers sama outfit sehari" aku :) thankyou ci cath !

    Cindy Melinda
    E :
    Ig : cind_melinda

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  91. So curious to have and try superga shoes since i've been a casual sneakers fans and it's gonna be perfect to add up my shoes collections i wear everyday!!

    Ig: petitejessica

  92. Hi Cath! I pretty love your look with superga.
    You can never go wrong with a classic and monochromatic look.

    ig: kamirazenza


  93. Ahh I have always want a pair of superga! really like Alika's look, sporty and chic..

    Eythleina Savira j.
    ig @eythleinasavira


  94. I like Bianca Belinda's look. Feminime and playful <3 <3

    Ralitsa berliane
    ig rberliane

  95. Bianca Belnadia's look. :)

    Shinta Dewi W.

  96. Metallic Silver!! I wish to have one :3

    Name: Reynata
    Instagram: @reynaaata

  97. I like Bianca Belnadia's look
    Feminime and playful ❤
    Who can't falling in love with this product, that's really cute, beautiful, and elegant at the same time ✅
    even models to royal families!πŸ˜„
    And last but not least i really wanna wear it, for make me look more gorgeous. Wish me luck πŸ˜‡
    Name : Odilia Putri
    Email :
    Instagram : odiliandero

  98. I always prefer to choose sporty and casual chic style in any events. Because for me, it tells people that being feminist doesn't have to wearing that kind of dress, or heels. Being feminist is just styling the way you are without wearing something you don't like. Superga really knows how to complete my needs, and i think every woman needs. Because Superga has character but obviously simple. Thank you Cath for giving a chance to have Superga xoxo❤

    Nurulita Aini - @litaaini

  99. Hi Cath, you are a true inspiration and i love seeing your style and positive life! Keep doing what you are doing right now and hope you well, stay freaking gorgeous.

    Ira Siani
    Ig. @irasianiyosh

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Hi cath! Knew superga from your ig and fell in love at the first sight!

    Michael hartono
    Ig : @mchaelh

  102. I'll definitely pick the sporty and casual chic. The fact that i like to matchup my clothes with color blocking makes me wanna take this pick. Alika's look is an inspo.

    Amelia Maranata

  103. Hi Cath!
    Recently I bought my first superga and lucky me I found your article through your instagram account and this helped me a lot to decide which superga I should buy first. My style is more classic, monochromatic but sometimes I can be sporty or a bit feminine. Yes, a combination of the three styles you've mention on this article. So for the first time buying my superga, I finally chose classic first, superga linu line is the winner, because I know a classic will never end. Now I'm thinking about buying another one with different style. I know superga is kindly addictive!
    Name: Citra Ariani
    IG: @ckariani

  104. Hai kak Cath!

    Style aku dalam berpakaian itu effortless classic with a twist of femininity, ya bisa dibilang perpaduan style kak Cath dan Alike :). Dalam memilih footwear, aku suka sepatu dengan desain classic, simple, dan praktis. Maka dari itu menurutku the all-white Classic Superga 2750 Cot3Strap akan cocok untuk aku. Selain warna putihnya yang mudah untuk dipadupadankan dengan berbagai warna dan pattern baju, Cot3strapnya juga praktis bagi penggunanya. Best of luck kak Cath!

    Bianca Mayumi

  105. Love banget sama foto2nya, kak cath!

  106. Aw, this is an incredibly nice post. In thought I must set up writing this way moreover – spending time and actual effort to manufacture a good article… but what / things I say… I procrastinate alot and by no indicates apparently go accomplished.