When Michelle of Glisters and Blisters wrote a post on this topic in May, it sparked of a discussion between client, influencers, bloggers and general public. In continuation of discussions about being a client, employing influencers, the rise of influencers, ethical conducts on influencers and the list goes on, let's speak on the importance of personal branding. This post will touch on how we define personal branding, and why it is important in setting you apart from being "just another blogger or influencer".

As a marketer myself, I cannot reiterate the importance of branding. Regardless of whether it's running a business on your own, partnering up with someone to run a business or even becoming a blogger or influencer — this is an important element of becoming a successful brand. While I was starting to document my outfits on Instagram, I never imagined that two years later I'd be of someone who would own a platform to share my thoughts and my opinion. To have people who actively reads this platform is an achievement, and till today I am thankful for the opportunities being created for me. In a world with an increasing number of influencers, bloggers and digital content creators, I share with you some tips and tricks in building the most personal brand you will ever own in your life — that is yourself.

Personal branding is how you'd like another person to see you — this includes the image that they would associate you with and what are the top 3 words that would come into their mind when they think of you.

What do you think of Aimee Song from Song Of Style?

The top 3 words that would pop up in my mind would be feminine, stylish and relatable.

1. Differentiates you from another person. Who are you?

Even Barbies are different! Picture credits: CNN

2. Defines the market that you attract and appeal to. Are you an Arayana Nicks or Aimee Song?

Picture Credits: Hypebae

Picture Credits: Song of Style

3. Defines the strategy that you would take (or forced to take). Are you ZARA or Céline? 

Picture Credit: Céline

Picture Credit: Zara


Top: Pomelo Fashion, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Shoes: Made by Esme

1. Identify your strengths and stick to it.
I knew from the start that I would never be a beauty blogger — simply because I don't wear a lot of makeup and I don't have enough knowledge to share it to another person. My strength is in mix and matching different pieces of clothing that can take you from day to night. I stuck to this stthroughout my three years of documenting my looks.

2. Identify your values.
My values are to always be as truthful as I can be, and honesty is far more precious than monetary compensation. When I wear brands that I put out, I want my followers to know that this is a piece of clothing that I love and would wear again.

3. Learn that saying no is okay. 
As my followers and engagements grew on Instagram, brands started to approach myself for advertising opportunities. Throughout my three years of actively promoting brands, I've learnt to say no to other brands, fashion labels and trends that I would never use or wear. It is okay to not take on every brand sponsorships simply because they don't suit you.

4. Produce quality, not quantity.
The key to building a successful brand is create value in everything that you do as a brand. Learn that quality is perfection and takes effort. It is better to put out one good post than ten posts that no one pays attention to. Producing good content is a form of respect to the people who actively learns from you.

5. Be patient. Some things do take time.
I've been sad over being declined for a project or simply having to pass on opportunities for personal reasons. We are only human after all, and rejection is a natural process in life. I strongly believe that good things come to those who wait — if you work extremely hard, you'll eventually reap what you sow. Don't feel disheartened if you don't see results immediately, just keep going at it.

I hope you gain a bit of insights to Personal Branding — how we define it, why is it important and some steps you can use while building your own brand. Regardless, this is a post solely based on opinions and would love if you share your thoughts on it!



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