With the heat, traffic and crowd, Bangkok bears a close resemblance to our bustling city — Jakarta. The city is described with a vibrant street life, culturally rich heritage and a rising creative city for those who are looking to get away. We'd recommend to go on a weekend just to experience one of the biggest markets in the world — Chatuchak. As a frequent visitor to the capital of Thailand (almost because of its proximity to Jakarta), Bangkok offers an all-around city for those looking for shopping, dining or just a relaxed weekend. This guide is a great guide for a short, 4-day weekend trip — perfect as a getaway that leaves you plenty of things-to-do.


Ad Lib 
Nestled in the heart of Sukhumvit, yet away from the bustling and hectic city lies Ad Lib. Recently opened in 2016, the boutique hotel provides an extended warm welcome to Bangkok. Rooms are comfortable, and the service is excellent.


The Never Ending Summer
This is a gorgeous restaurant on the side of Chao Phraya river, complete with a delicious menu that takes traditional Thai dishes on a contemporary spin. The food is great, especially with how photogenic this restaurant can be.

The Commons
Collective Space
A collective home to Bangkok's artisan cafes, restaurants and markets, The Commons is described to be the hippest place in the whole of Bangkok. Situated in Thong Lor (one of the hippest districts in Bangkok), you can spend up to hours exploring the food options at The Commons.

ROOTS @ The Commons
Perhaps one of my favourite brew in Bangkok. ROOTS is one of Thailand's leading artisanal coffee, having won several awards. Their coffee is of a darker roast and extremely well-balanced.

After You
Dessert Ca
There's something about shaved ice devoured in a warm weather. After You has one of the most scrumptious shaved ice in Bangkok. The flavours are genuinely Thai — with milk tea (complete with bobba!), mango sticky rice (yum!) and other best selling flavours. Best consumed every day of the trip.

Rocket Coffeebar
Rocket is possibly one of the best coffee shops in Bangkok, priding itself in its cup of artisan coffee. On top of their coffee, their pastries selection are great. The place is cosy, so make yourself at home.

On Lok Yun
My favourite thing to do when travelling is to sample a taste of traditional breakfast. On Lok Yun is one of Thailand's hidden gem in Chinatown. A heritage café serving some of the most authentic local breakfast, don't forget to try their signature toasts.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak Weekend Market is something that no one should ever miss if they ever visit Bangkok. The biggest marketplace in Bangkok, you can find almost anything here — all available at a wholesale price. From clothes, plants, pet and street food, Chatuchak market covers it all.

Wat Pho
Wat Pho is a must-do for anyone's first visit in Bangkok. The name Wat Pho directly translates to the Temple of Reclining Buddha. The largest temple in the whole of Bangkok, spend some time to marvel at the wonderful structure around the temple.

MOCA Bangkok
Although slightly far from the city, Museum of Contemporary Arts Bangkok is definitely worth the trip. Containing a large collection of works by Thai artists, the museum is definitely a pivotal inspiration for those who have came to discover Thai artworks.

Instead of reading through it, you can view my guide easily by exporting the CATHHALIM.COM: Bangkok map into your Google Maps application. Mobile and web friendly. Enjoy!

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