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This is a not so typical post that goes onto CathHalim.com. This post will talk about the moments of 2017. On the last day of 2017, I took some time out to learn about everything that has happened in the last 364 days and to set my intentions for the next 365 days. The year flew by in a blink of an eye; months passed; you grew [mentally]; you make new memories; you left some [people/ memories/ moments] behind. Look how far you've come; and observe how it has shaped you.

I remembered submitting my resignation letter in late November 2016; setting out a new career path that I've never imagined to walk on. It was one of the most uncomfortable decisions I have made in 2016. Looking back, I've never been happy enough to have left the corporate world and to have ventured into the unknown waters. I've made new memories, failed in some aspects of my life and had the chances to travel to places I've never been. I learnt that the person you thought you love may just be the one who can hurt you the most; and that's okay.

The greatest memories I have for 2017 are being able to travel, launch my website, have friends out of strangers, learn that it is okay to not be okay. Celebrating my birthday with the closest friends, ticking Coachella off my bucket list, watched my sister graduate, witnessed the success of my friends, new job, speak at conferences; the list goes on.

If there was something that I am thankful for, it is to be surrounded by people who have helped me survived 2017. It hasn't been the most pleasant year; yet when I count my blessings in friends, I don't believe I could ever get so lucky.

We are too afraid to acknowledge that we've done a great job for ourselves because we think that it is too boastful. I hope that as you're reading this; you recognise the things you've done for yourself (no matter how small) and the great things you've achieved for yourself this year. I hope that 2017 has taught you great lessons and shaped you to become a better person. If it hasn't happened yet, always know that you have another 365 days to achieve. 

Happy new year to you, wherever you might be. See you in 2018. 

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