Let's be honest, we buy a lot of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. It never ends.

Do these statements resonate? "It's on sale! I have to get that. There is no way I am getting that jacket, when will it ever be this cheap?". "I don't have anything to wear. I'm so bored of my wardrobe. Let's go shopping!". "It's cheap, just buy it!". That jacket ended up sitting in my wardrobe and till today, I haven't worn it. I also ended up owning 5  identical black t-shirts. That cheap shirt I purchased was of such bad quality that I had to throw it out after the first wash.

One of my new year resolutions is to consume better. It's October as I am writing this and I have purchased less than ten fashion items (hooray!). Conscious consumption has many perks. It gets you thinking (hard) about what you're spending your money on and really, the best reward of it is saving a lot of money.

It takes effort to consume better and this is where Style Theory becomes a solution. In Jakarta, renting an evening gown made sense because those are dresses you'll probably never wear again. For someone like me, I was skeptical of how useful Style Theory would be to my life. The practice of conscious consumption egged me to try this rent-wear-and-return service and then realizing how  useful it actually is.

Easy to use
To start, all you need is to download it into your phone, and then start choosing. Clothes get sent to you immediately after you confirm your rental. When you're done with your box of clothes, all you need to do is schedule a return through the application. You don't even have to think about cleaning these clothes. The hardest part of using Style Theory is probably which items you want to rent.

Actually trying before buying
Being restricted to the number of things I can buy, my purchases have to be sensible and versatile to be worn for multiple occasions. With this rent-before-purchasing service, I learn how to make smarter investments. As I also grow older, I've learned to value quality over quantity; picking out clothes that lasts a long time over trendy items. With Style Theory, I really don't have to worry about only getting an item that will only sit in my closet.

It's not expensive
First month's promotional fee is at IDR 590,000, followed by upgrades to a 3-month plan will cost you IDR 790,000 per month. If you decide to try it out for a month, do the math and that comes to only IDR 20,000 rental fee per day. No hidden fees (free delivery and free returns) and no further explanation needed.

I'm really digging the curation of brands that Style Theory carries; which includes many homegrown renowned labels like Amanda Rahardjo and Nikicio. The platform is truly challenging the idea of traditional fashion consumption; empowering consumers to make wiser decisions, helping consumers consume better and on a greater level, supporting the sustainability of the fashion industry. For you who are living in Jakarta (coming to Bandung real soon), you should really give this platform a chance.


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