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Has anyone realized what has changed the landscape of fashion at Jakarta Fashion Week this year? There is a rise of technology and the fashion industry is happy to ride along this wave. Just this year, you'll realize that the conventional media landscape welcomes digital media channels like Styl.Id, Female Daily, and more. We've got online marketplaces making fashion accessible for the mass and helped to welcome some brands you might not see at JFW.

Style Theory, described to be Southeast Asia's largest fashion rental subscription platform, is no surprise to become the latest addition to the Indonesian fashion industry. Sure, you've got conventional see-now and buy-now online shopping platforms but what Style Theory offers, is an entirely different proposition. At a simple click of their application, you can now rent what you wish immediately after each fashion show. How does this matter?

Staying ahead of trend
It has always been a dream to directly access the clothes on the runway. With Style Theory, that dream becomes a reality. You don't have to wait for the clothes to hit the stores and the best part about it is you get to try them before buying them. How great is that? Here are some selections of designer pieces you can now rent through their app!

Supporting local talents
JFW provides a platform for Indonesian talents and to showcase our local brands. With technology that brings fashion directly to consumers, designers don't have to worry about not being able to reach out to you. If you haven't tried the application for yourself — you would not have realized that a feedback system is incorporated to the pieces that you've rented. From the size, quality to fit of the clothes, the application provides a form of real-life feedback from consumers.

Technology helps to deliver fashion to consumers at such great speed and affordable price. Essentially, you can go around trying out great local labels that you've always wanted to try. You no longer have to worry if its something that doesn't suit you. Little did you know, you realize how useful this app becomes once you try it for yourself.

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