January 2019 — how are your resolutions going? A lot of them might involve loving yourself a lot more, working out to become healthier, eating better food and spending time pampering yourself. Assuming resolutions make you a better, healthier, wiser person, I personally recommend everyone having one or two of them. My personal resolution is to be consistent in living a conscious and healthy life. Here are some of my mostly frequent places in Jakarta where you can make yourself healthier, better and much wiser.

Empire Fit Club Jakarta

You would have known that working out helps to improve your health, so on and so forth. I don’t have to emphasize on the benefits on exercising. I do know that it’s far more encouraging when you have friends to work out with. It takes effort to show up and invest in your health so join a community I’m part of at Empire. I personally have yet to witness another local fitness community that shows genuine care and passes no judgements on whichever fitness level you’re at. Whether you’re only a beginner, a professional athlete, or recovering from an injury, find a place that can motivate you the same way Empire community members motivates each other. I’ve also learnt here that lifting weights don’t make you fat (it’s the food and alcohol you consume). They have a variety of high intensity workout sessions which I really enjoy.

World Trade Center
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 29-31 Jakarta 12920

It takes a really great salad before I recommend it to anyone. Greenery is comparable to many salad bars outside of Indonesia. It’s hard to get a truly healthy salad — made from natural and real ingredients. I have major trust issues with places serving healthy meals because of the false claims on what the actual ingredients are. You’ll be surprised that the healthy food you’re consuming isn’t actually healthy and filled with a bunch of unnecessary calories. Greenery is transparent in the delicious food they serve.

Jl. Senopati No.41C
Jakarta 12190

I don’t know anyone else who consistently serve alternative milks in their coffee. It’s always the same case of “We’re out of soy milk.” Besides great blend of coffee, Burgreens always has alternative milk (my personal favourite is cashew!). They have an amazing variety of plant-based options. Their food is consistently great tasting, always honest, conveniently located around Jakarta and on Gojek. I don’t know what else to add but Burgreens is a comforting option to have in town.

Jl. Wijaya II No.37
Jakarta 12160

I must admit that it personally feels redundant to dedicate spending three to four hours to have my nails painted, to get treatment for some widely marketed flaw you might not have and the list goes on. This is not to say I do not spend time loving and caring for myself. I just have to like a place enough (or much more) to dedicate time for it. Jakarta is filled with many places you can pamper yourself, but I’d vouch on these places where you can pamper yourself and feel like a million dollars.

Everlash Lash Expert
How do you save time yet look proper? Get eyelash extensions at Everlash. It’s clear that they invest a lot into making sure they provide you with the best eyelashes. Everlash isn’t the cheapest when it comes to eyelashes but there’s a lot of reasons why you pay a premium price. They don’t fool around with their quality and take the time to recommend you what you need. I’ve been with them for more than 2 years now (talk about commitment) and every single person I’ve recommended to them has nothing but loud praises.

The best part about Everlash studio is they also provide manicure and pedicure services. This means you can get your eyelash extensions, and your nails done all at the same time. Talk about efficiency and productivity. Conveniently available in multiple locations in Jakarta, this is an investment you need to schedule into your month.

Plaza Senayan
Lt 2-203C Jakarta Pusat 10270

Blink Beauty
I’m sure you’ve seen Blink Beauty’s massive success with their slimming services. I don’t personally go here for those services. Instead, they’ve extremely great deals for their IPL treatments. I’ll skip the preaching on how great of an investment this is.

Jl. Taman Gunawarman Bar No 25
Jakarta 12110


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