Welcome to 2019. The holidays have ended, and it's time for us to get into our typical, boring routines. We want to help you spice up your dull days a little so here's a really good note of this anti-fail outfit ensembles!

1. Almost Monochromes
Wearing items in similar hues can be just as stylish as wearing the identical hues.

2. Safari Vibin'
We're pretending to be on a holiday. Khakis, camels and all the earthy tones are in style, as proven by Song Of Style.

3.  Polished And Chic
When you're not feeling it, this two-step styling definitely won't fail you. Slip into your go-to slip dress and throw a blazer over it. Lazy, but I mean business.

4. Denim on Denim
Do not be friends with someone who tells you it's wrong to wear an all-denim look. It's never wrong.
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5. Belt Up

<5 .="" b="" belt="" blazer="" the="">Belting your blazer is a new idea when you're bored of your typical blazer over pants look.

6. Statement Socks
Dad shoes are obviously in trend. Why not throw in a pair of eye-catching socks?

This post is written by Ninette Marasuchi, a girl obsessed with fashion and style. You can reach out to her at her email or follow her on Instagram.


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