A picture of dewy, glowy, fresh look comes up in my mind the first time I hear the term — "glass skin". When talking about achieving a glowy look, the answer isn't too far from a list of liquid highlighters, along with fancy marketing names. After a recent dwell into the world of beauty v-logs and journals, I have discovered that glass skin makeup is quite different from that glowy look; and here's why.

While glowing look focuses on highlighting the highest points of our face, glass skin look prioritizes the natural, great skin as its base. Any blemishes will be covered very thinly at the end of the makeup process. The key to this look is not the layers of highlighter we use, but our skincare process. The end result you'll achieve is a translucent skin that is dewy and almost poreless. With no further adieu, here's our list of skincare and beauty products and a thorough skin care process that will help you achieve this look!

Step 1: Start with a double cleanse. You may use facial cleansing tools for extra smoothness.

Step 2: Extra moisturized skin is critical for this look. Our tip is to apply aloe vera gel before a sheet mask layer.

Step 3: Use fast-absorbing facial oil to maximize that glow.  

Step 4: Remember we mentioned skincare is everything? Never leave house without sun protection and pile on the SPF. Note to choose one that suits your skin type.

Step 5: Add pops of colour! Apply satin or matte color to your lips and cheeks to balance out the dewiness.

Luneskin Multistick in shade Amour

Step 6: Finishing touches — add a bit of illuminator and make the glow last with this anti-pollution setting mist.

This post is written by Ninette Marasuchi, a girl obsessed with fashion, beauty and style. You can reach out to her at her email or follow her on Instagram



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