As I wake into a new age today, I intentionally take a moment to savour the past twenty six years of living. I don’t have a perfect life, and neither do I lead every day being constantly happy. My life as a twenty six year old (past quarter life) human has taught me that I don’t always need perfection. I don’t have my dream job, my dream fitness goals, my dream house or as minuscule as my dream cup of coffee. My life is a constant work in progress.

Living has taught me that I don’t have everything yet I can have so much.

I have an imperfect family who laughs at small things, I have bickering sisters who still show love unconditionally, and I have friends whom I don’t hang out with 24/7 but showed me the true meaning of friendship by being present. I have a healthy body, I have unimportant worries and I wake up with a roof over my head. For that alone, I am grateful.

I learn that being human is to fall and to be able to get up. Despite intentionally developing an awareness of the world around me, I learn that I still have a whole universe of learning and inspiring. I hope to always be an impact to the lives of everyone I meet in life. I hope to spread small ripples in my life created by every inspiring individual I meet. I hope that with each day, I can help someone realize that you don’t need to have everything to learn that you have plenty. 

I thank time for allowing me to do that and for me to be able to continue doing that. I thank my family, friends and community for always being there for me. I thank the universe for allowing me to overcome the adversaries and for every single day of living.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ll always be granted loght, love and happiness. 

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