A lot of people have asked me about my skincare routine. It's true that I am blessed with better genes but as time goes by, you do need to invest in a good skincare routine that will take you through the harsh truth of aging.

With unlimited options of skincare products, most tend to forget the basic rule of a good skin—being  healthy. Good skin is a sign of healthier you. I remembered times whereby my poor diet and lifestyle took a toll on my skin and I started to realize how greatly linked a balanced lifestyle is to your skin.

 Taking a good care of our own health is just as important as building a skincare routine. The thing about  If you don't have time to do intensive skin treatments, then we really recommend to go for the natural way! Scroll down to find 4 tips from us to achieve the glowing, youthful skin you can dream of.

Healthy Diet
You are definitely what you eat. Good eating habits mean that your body is nourished, and is able to generate healthier cells. Research has shown that food impacts a lot of hormones in our body. You don't always have to eat super clean but remember to add fresh vegetables, fruits and avoid processed food if you can. What are processed food you might ask? Anything that are on shelves and can lasts for more than 2 weeks are highly processed food. A diet that is healthy to me is one that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Add common items like wild-caught salmon, organic eggs, chia seeds, and extra virgin olive oil. If you find it hard to start a healthy diet, then start with lowering your refined sugar intake. Sugar causes sagging skin and wrinkles as it removes collagen from your body. It also messes your hormones, and may cause acne outbreaks. Instead of store-bought candies, milk chocolate and snacks high in processed sugar, opt for natural sugars like fruits or dark chocolate.

Hydrate Well And Often
Water is such an important part of one's routine but is yet something that is easily forgotten. You want to drink tons of water to help replenish the body's water content. A rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Remind yourself to drink water, be it sparkling water, infused with lemon or just plain water. Water also will help your body to detox so schedule your water breaks today!

A Good Night's Rest
Having enough sleep is an essential part of having good skin. When you sleep, your body is repairing itself and producing new cells. This is the reason why you look great after a good night's sleep. To sleep well, avoid all contact with laptop screens that stimulates your brains. If you like to browse your phone before you sleep, perhaps you can try switching on the "Night Mode". This helps to cue your brain to provide melatonin in your body that can aid sleep. Build a good foundation through sleep and I guarantee your skin will definitely improve.

Learn To Take It Slow
When we aree stressed, our bodies release stress hormones, which may hinder our blood circulation. Stress can cause multiple layers of problems, especially to our skin. Your skin can breakout due to hormonal changes in your body and can also trigger other skin problems. Learn to manage your stress by doing mindful activities such as breathing exercises, yoga, and or just a simple 5-minute meditation. My favourite routine before sleeping is to do a 5-minute session and concentrating on my breaths. This helps me so much in managing daily stress!

A great skin doesn't only begin with a great skincare regime using all the expensive products. When you're not stressed, your body will heal itself. Remember, great skin is achievable for all; but the tricky part is that everyone is different. These four ways will help you to jumpstart your journey to better skin. I am always up to learn about new ways of caring for your skin so do comment and share with me your personal way of caring for your skin.


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